Stainless steel banding can be found just about everywhere in municipal settings.  Almost anything that clamps to a metal pole, such as a street sign or traffic signal is probably strapped on with stainless steel band and buckle.
Products Used in Municipal Settings:
  • Stainless Steel Band
  • Stainless Steel Buckles
  • Stainless Steel Wing Seals
  • Stainless Steel Sign Brackets (flared and straight leg)
  • Powder coated band
  • Powder coated buckles
  • Powder coated wing seals
  • Powder coated sign brackets (flared and straight
  • Cut to length SS Band (with or without attached buckle or wing seal)
  • Powder coated cut to length band (with or without attached buckle or wing seal)
  • Strapping  C00l Tool
  • Ratchet Tool
  • Short Handle Band Cutter
  • Heavy Duty Band Cutter
Municipality is a word used to describe cities, towns, boroughs and villages.
One thing for sure, all municipalities from the largest, to the smallest we can find, have one thing is common:  signage.  Our product is used to hang signs, signals, banners and we’ve even found it hanging garbage cans.