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Featured Products

Industry Applications


Products used: Band and Buckles, Bigger Band and Buckles, Powder Coated band and buckles, Strapping Cool tool, Giant Banding Tool, Band Cutters, Crimp Sleeves, Hydraulic Fittings, hose and adapters

Corrosive Environments

Used in situations where corrosion and abrasion resistance is important such as offshore, electrical applications, pipe lines, water treatment, chemical plants, underground cables or pipes, marine and high temperature environments.


Product used:, Band & buckles, Band & buckle tools, Center Punch Clamps, Strapping Cool Tool, Center Punch Tool, Junior Adapters, Air Tools, Hose Fittings, Crimp Sleeving

Industrial Clamping

General applications and repair including hose and cable bundling, pipe insulation and control cabinet attachments.


Stainless steel banding is used throughout the marine industry for cable bundling and identifying cables and hoses on all types of sea going vessels.


Stainless steel banding can be found just about everywhere in municipal settings. Almost anything that clamps to a metal pole, such as a street sign or traffic signal is probably strapped on with stainless steel band and buckle.

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