Stainless Steel Strapping

Band, Buckle & Strapping Tool Mabor Industrial Inc.  Is a  distributor of competitively priced stainless steel banding, buckles, wing seals, strapping tools and sign brackets. Our products come in both 201 stainless and 316 stainless steel as well as specialty alloys and are used extensively to mount signs, traffic control and electrical devices and to fasten down just about anything where corrosion resistance is necessary or where other fastening methods are not an option.

Stainless steel strapping, banding and tools may seem small and unassuming but they tackle some of the toughest, most important jobs you can throw at them! Every day you see the result of their work in cities on street signs, traffic signals and almost every street corner post. They also tie down cargo, construction loads, and hoses and serve important functions in even the most corrosive environments.

Stainless Steel CoilsBand & Buckle in Application

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Is that big project you’re working on giving you problems? Are you having trouble finding the right parts to finish your work? Do you need stainless steel banding in Canada to help you complete your work? You have come to the right place if you need have been looking for a stainless steel banding distributor in Canada. Mabor has been a stainless steel banding supplier in Canada for over three decades. Our company was started in 1979 with a single purpose; to service our customers in the municipal and industrial markets offering quality products with integrity, courtesy and respect. You will find all three of these traits with Mabor and much more. We have been a stainless steel banding supplier in Canada for a long time and we know how to take care of our customers better than almost anyone.

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The simple trust is you will not find a company more suited to take care of your needs than Mabor. We have over thirty-four years of experience in serving highly specialized industries. We have greatly expanded our product line to give our customers a choice of commodities that is best suited to their individual needs, their applications and their requirements at the most competitive pricing for products like stainless steel banding in Canada. Mabor is a well-known stainless steel banding supplier in Canada with over thirty years of experience.

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As a trusted stainless steel banding dealer, you will find a very large inventory of some of the highest-quality stainless steel banding in Canada here at Mabor. We want to help you achieve your project goals so please take the time to contact us about any of our products, like our high-quality stainless steel banding. In Canada and all over North America we have made a name for ourselves by offering incredible and consistent customer service that you can count on. You can trust Mabor for all of your needs for products like, stainless steel banding in Canada. Look no further for the highest quality stainless steel banding in Canada. Please call or write us today to learn more.